It will be ensured that:

(a) There is no evidence of week constitution, imperfect development, serious malformation or obesity.
(b) There is no mal development or impairment of function of the bones or joints and that no cervical rib detectable on
physical examination.
Note: A Candidate with a rudimentary cervical rib detected incidentally only on skiagram of the chest when this is done, and
in whom there are no signs or symptoms referable to the cervical rib may be considered fit and a note to this effect will be recorded
by the Medical Officer in the medical board proceedings.
(c) There is no impediment of speech.
(d) There is no malformation of the head, deformity from fracture or depression of the bones of the skull.
(e) The is no impaired hearing, discharge from tympanic membrane, signs of acute or chronic disease of either ear, unhealed perforation
of the suppurative otitis media or evidence of radical or modified radical or mastoid operation.
Note: A soundly healed perforation without any impairment of the mobility of the drum and without impairment of hearing should not be
a bar to acceptance of a candidate.
(f) There is no disease of the bones or cartilage of the nose or nasal polyp or disease of nasopharynx and accessory sinuses.
Note: A small asymptomatic traumatic perforation of the nasal septum will not be a cause of outright rejection and such cases would be
referred to the adviser in otology.
(g) There are no enlarged glands due to tuberculosis or other disease in the neck and other parts of the body and that the thyroid gland is normal.
Note: Scars of operation for the removal of tuberculosis glands are not a cause for rejection provided three has been no active disease within the
preceding five years and the chest is clinically and radiologically clear.
(h) There is no disease of the throat, palate, tonsils or gums or any disease or injury affecting the normal function of either mandibular joints.
Note: Simple hypertrophy of the tonsils, if there is no history of attacks of tonsillitis is not a cause for rejection.
(j) There is no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels.
(k) There is no evidence of pulmonary tuberculosis or previous history of this disease or any other chronic disease of the lungs.
(l) There is no evidence of any disease of the digestive system including any abnormality of the live spleen.
(m) Inguinal hernlia (unoperated) will be a cause of rejection.
Note: In the case of candidates who have been operated for hernia may be declared fit provided:
(i) One year has elapsed since the operation. Documentary proof is to be furnished by the candidate to this effect.
(ii) General Tone of the abdominal musculature is good.
(iii) There has been no recurrence of the hernia or complication connected with the operation.
(n) There is no hydrocele or definite varicocele or any other disease or defect of the genital organs.
Note: (i) A candidate who has been operated for hydrocele will be accepted if there are no abnormalities of the cord and testicles and there is no
evidence of filariasis.
(ii) Undescended intra abdominal testicles on one side should not be bar to acceptance of candidate provided the other testicle is normal and there is
no untoward physical or psychological effect due to the undescended testicle. Undescended testis retained in the inquinal canal or at external inguinal
ring is however, a bar to acceptance unless corrected by operation.
(p) There is no fistula and / or fissure of the anus, or evidence of haemorroids.
(q) There is no disease of the kidneys. All cases of gliycosuria and albuminuria will be rejected.
(r) There is no disease of the skin, unless temporary or trivial scars which by their extent or position cause, or are likely to cause, disability or marked
disfigurement are a cause for rejection.
(s) There is no active latent or congenital veneral disease.
(t) There is no history or evidence of mental disease. Candidates suffering from epilepsy, incontinence of urine or enuresis will not be accepted.
(u) There is no squint or morbid condition of the eye, or the lids which is liable to risk of aggravation or recurrence.
(v) There is active trachoma or its complications.
Note: Remedial operations are to be performed prior to entry. No guarantee is given for ultimate acceptance and it should be clearly understood by the
candidates that the decision whether an operation is desirable or necessary is one to be made by their private medical advisor. The School will accept no
liability regarding the result of operation and expense incurred.