1. When Cadets arrive to join the School, they should be neatly and smartly dressed.
  2. Clothing and other items as listed below must accompany the cadets at the time of admission, so that they may wear them till their School uniforms are stitched, and use them in the class rooms during academic periods.
  3. A cadet is welcome to bring any musical instrument, the item will be cared for and he will have ample opportunity to use it.


  Towel large white 02 Nos
  Underwear 06 Nos or more
  Vest sleeveless white 03 Nos or more
  Handkerchiefs white 06 Nos
  Dark coloured trousers (Black) 01 No
  Normal civil pants (No jean pants) 02 Nos
  Ball Point Pen with spare refills 2 Nos
  Fountain Pens (with spare nibs) 1 No
  Fountain Pen Ink 1 bottle
  Geometry Box 1 No
  Colour Pencils / Crayons 1 set
  Sketch pen set 1 No
  Oxford Dictionary (Advanced Learner’s) & Atlas 1 No each
  Clip Board/Pad 1 No
  Glue Stick 1 No
  Eraser 2 No
  Pencil Sharpener 1 No
  Foot Scale 12” 1 No
  Water Colour box with brush 1 No
  Comb 2 Nos
  Hair Oil 1 bottle
  Shampoo 1 bottle
  Tooth Brush 2 Nos
  Tooth Paste Large 1 Tube
  Soap Toilet 3 Nos
  Washing Soap 2 Nos
  Soap Case 2 Nos
  Vicks Vaporub 1 bottle
  Powder Talcum (large) 1 No
  Foot powder (small) 1 bottle
  Dettol (small) 1 No
  Band Aid 1 Pkt
  Nail clipper 1 No
  Vaseline 1 No
Miscellaneous Items    
  Steel Box Black painted (Size 36”x15”x12”) - (Name of cadet painted in block letters) 1 No
  Suitcase of moulded plastic 1 No
  Stainless Steel Tumbler 1 No
  Black shoe polish 1 No
  Shoe Polish Brush 1 No
  White Shoe Polish 1 No
  Slippers 1 Pair
  Mug (plastic) 1 No
  Bucket (plastic) 1 No
  Needles Set 6 Nos
  Torch small 1 No
  Padlock (good quality)with Keys 6 Nos
  Clothes Hanger 3 Pairs
  Shoe laces (black & white)  
  Buttons of different colours  
  Clips (drying clothes)  
  Washing brush