Infrastructure Overview

Cadets Mess 

The School has a spacious Cadets Mess where all the cadets alongwith the Staff have their meals each day. The Mess is equipped with the latest equipments to prepare and offer wholesome and hygienic food to the cadets. The Menu is designed to give wholesome meal keeping in mind the progressive physical growth of cadets. A Mess Committee, which includes cadets, designs the meny periodically.

All cadets offer a "GRACE", gratitude to the Almighty, before and after each meal in the mess.


The cadets are accommodated in dormitories with rooms which accommodates 09 each. The dormitories are provided with a recreation room and hot water facilities in the bath rooms. Each cadet is provided with a bed and cup board. The rooms are well ventillated with adequate lighting. 




A well equipped dispensary with six beds is available in the Campus to provide immediate and routine medical care to the cadets. Qualified medical personnel are available in the campus to attend to the cadets’ health at all times. Specialist medical attention is availed from medical practioners available in Madanapalle / Tirupati.