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The festival of Diwali was celebrated in the school premises, with a lot of enthusiasm on the 30 th of October 2016. The campus was decorated matching the festive spirit and the cadets were in attendance for a prayer in traditional attire. The staff and cadets of the school were privileged to have Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal, as chief guest and Mrs Sweta Dangwal, the first lady, as the guest of honour. The campus wore a jovial look on the day of the festival. The doorways were hanged with torans of mango leaves and marigolds.

Rangolis were drawn with different coloured powders. Oil diyas were arranged in and around the staff quarters. These flickering lamps brought an effervescent embellishment to the entire school campus.

The dormitories of the cadets were decorated with multi-coloured lights.

Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal enlightened the staff and cadets with the message of Diwali saying the light within us must help to dispel the darkness and spread love, warmth and kindness as well as in giving and sharing. Thus, everyone left after the crackers show carrying the message of love, peace and joy of the festival.