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Serve with Honour

Our Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal always aims at the enhancement of the cadets’ knowledge about defence forces. He plans umpteen motivational tours to encourage cadets to take up career with any of the three forces and serve the mother land. As a part of those motivational and educational tours, we the cadets of Class VIII got a marvellous opportunity to visit the Officers Training Academy, Chennai (OTA) on 27 th September 2016. The main objective of the visit was to catch glimpses of the multifarious training activities that convert individuals into professional military leaders of characters and integrity and to learn how important it is to lead life in a disciplinary manner.

We came to know that the Officers Training Academy, Chennai was established on 15 January 1963, to train officers for Emergency Commission in the Army. The academy was well equipped with modern art and infrastructure which helped to transform many young men and women in dynamic warriors.

We were informed that Officers Training Academy or OTA Chennai is a premier institute of Indian Army for training men and women into officers for the Short Service Commission into Indian Army. This institute holds a great importance as it has been giving able officers to Indian Army since a long time. The Academy is located amid a sprawling estate of 650 acres traversed by River Adyar adjoining the Chennai International and   Domestic Airport, about 15 kms from the Chennai Central Railway Station along the Grand Southern Trunk (GST) Road in Chennai.

We were surprised after knowing that the history of OTA dates back to World War II, when seven Officer Training institutes established in India. However these schools were closed down after the war. In 1962 after the war with China, India felt the need to establish Institutes to train more officers for Indian Army, two officers training schools were established as a result, one in Chennai (then Madras) and one in Pune. This Officer Training Academy (OTA) was established with the motive to cater officers for the emergency commission. We witnessed the cadets undergoing training at OTA to become an Army Officer in the Indian Army. During visit to the Academy, we also visited training area where the cadets get rigorous training. Some of my friends practiced with the training equipment and obstacles and had a fun. We also visited museum, auditorium, living lines and amusement places there. 

We saw the 1861 built White House which has been OTA’s headquarters since its inception and the 200-year- old Adyar Officers’ Mess built in 1815. We were enthused to see cadets marching at the Parameshwaran drill square. We also met the Commandant of the OTA and we were motivated.

Some of my friends expressed their desire to become Army officer in future. We met some the cadets there and  enquired about the procedure for joining the defence forces. They gave us guidance about the selection process in the Army. One of my friends expressed his views that after completing 12th class he would crack all the hurdles to become an Army officer. This educational/ motivational tour has given an insight about Officers Training Academy, Chennai.

Jai Hind! Cdt B Amit