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Sri Krishnadeva Raya has said "Desa bhashalandu Telugu Lessa" which means "Among the nation's languages, Telugu is the best". Rabindranath Tagore is said to have stated that Telugu is the sweetest of all (Indian) Languages. The famous Tamil poet Subramania Bharati also has sung thus "Sundara Telunginil Pattisaithu" which literally means "Sing in beautiful Telugu". Telugu is such a beautiful and soothing language which has produced a number of everlasting poems which are famous internationally. To create awareness on the importance of Telugu language among the contemporary age group, an Inter House Telugu Poem Recitation Competition was organised in the school auditorium on 12th November for classes 6, 7 and 8. The competition was conducted in Sub Junior and Junior categories, in which selected cadets of Godavari, Krishna, Penna and Tungabhadra Houses took part. The cadets of the four houses participated earnestly in the competition. They came up with different poems and recited with enthusiasm. Every cadet in the competition showed skill in reciting poems rhythmically, with good pitch, voice inflection and volume. The competition helped the cadets to learn how to pronounce Telugu and increased their knowledge.

In both Sub-Juniors and Juniors category it was the glorious Krishna House who emerged as the champion of the competition. Whereas, Tungabhadra, Penna and Godavari Houses bagged the second, third and fourth positions respectively in the Sub-Juniors category.  In the Juniors category it was Penna House who bagged the second position and the third position was shared by Godavari and Tungabhadra Houses. Mrs Sweta Dangwal, the first lady of the campus, was the Chief Guest of the occasion. Addressing the cadets after distributing the medals and certificates to the winners the Chief Guest said that extracurricular activities as a component of non-academic curriculum plays an important role to shape the personality of the cadets. She appreciated the efforts of all the cadets especially their confidence and motivation level.

The external jury members V Reddeppa, K. Mangamma and T Gurrappa, from Kalikiri town adjudged the performance of the cadets.  The stage was managed by cadet S Paul Srikar of class 8th.