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Elocution refers to one’s capacity of communicating with others, with the use of exact speech and gestures. It is natural for parents to want their children to speak exceptionally well in school and other places which are intra /inter level, to enhance oratory skills. Keeping this in mind the ‘Inter House English Elocution Competition’ is conducted annually wherein every cadet of the School is trained to face an audience with confidence and verbalize their views with correct diction, clarity and good pronunciation. This year the Competition was organised on Saturday, Feb 10 2017 in the School Auditorium.

There were 32 participants in all with 8 participants from each house – 4 from Class VI and 4 from Classes VII and VIII, 2 from each Class. The topic for the Sub Juniors Category was ‘Role of Indian Youth against Corruption’ and ‘Power of Plastic Money’ for the Juniors Category. The participants won the hearts of everyone with their confidence, expression and talent; and made the event really memorable. Offg. Principal Sqn Ldr TK Sumesh and Mrs Priyanka Sumesh graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively. The external panel of judges for the competition were Mr Harinadha Reddy and Mr Ramana.

The Masters of Ceremony were Cdts Shourya and Vikas of Classes VII and VIII. Winning the competition was a matter of honour and pride not only for the individual participants but also for the houses that won. This time the Tungabhadra House was the winner of the competition in the Sub Juniors category and the champion in the Juniors category was the Godavari House.

The Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour did the honour of giving certificates and trophies to the winners as well as to the winning houses. Addressing the gathering after the prize distribution the Chief Guest said that elocution refers to the art of public speaking. If any person wants to be a leader he must be a good speaker. If you can grab the attention of a group with your words that indicates that you are a good speaker. He advised the cadets to read books with reference to public speaking which is very important to crack the SSB interview and emphasised the need of the participation in the School activities to enrich one’s hidden faculty. He also praised the efforts of the staff and cadets for conducting such a grand programme.

As usual it was a pleasure to watch our cadets conduct themselves in such a disciplined manner and express their views in an effective method. The competition enabled our boys to speak with more clarity and finesse and it surely was an enjoyable experience for all those who participated.