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The Inter House Badminton Championship for this year showed great support and participation by many cadets. It was organised on two consecutive days (27 & 28 March 2017) in the School indoor stadium. It was pleasing to see such a vibrant atmosphere created by the cadets in a friendly but competitive manner. The opening ceremony was organised on 27 March. The tournament was divided into three categories like Novices (Singles& Doubles), Sub- Juniors (Singles& Doubles), and Juniors (Singles& Doubles), 36 participants from all four houses participated in the tournament. Each house played three league matches, out of which best two matches were taken as the criterion for final match. The newly purchased branded racquets and shuttlecocks coupled with the performance of the players’ made the championship very fascinating. Some of the players attracted everyone with their serves, drops, smashes, drives, and net shots.


The main objective behind organising this Championship was to provide ample opportunities to cadets to nurture their grass root talent and to demonstrate taught skills, co-ordination and communication as required in the tourney. Also, to give the cadets a highly competitive atmosphere and exposure and to participate with great zeal and enthusiasm. Of all the matches in the tournament, the Juniors (Singles) between Cdts Kaleem Akhtar of Tungabhadra house and Ram Charan Naidu of Penna house was the most pulsating match as it show cased both the players’ command over the game. Interestingly in every category of the tournament it was the Tungabhadra house which dominated the entire play-offs with their tremendous performance. The cadets of this house dressed in yellow were the apples of everyone’s eyes with their sound knowledge in Badminton. Of course the cadets of other houses tried their best to clinch the overall championship trophy but it was the Tungabhadra who emerged as the proud winners of the championship.


The Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal the Chief Guest of the Closing Ceremony gave away the medals and trophies to the winners. The Chief Guest in his address said that games and sports play an important role in the overall personality of the cadets. He advised the cadets to make use of the play fields to hone their talent as far as games and sports are concerned. At the end, the indoor stadium was echoed with ovation when the Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal and Administrative Officer Sqn Ldr TK Sumesh entered the court to compete with the cadets. Cdts Kaleem Akhtar and K Gunavardhan (both were champions in singles category) were in cadets’ team. The cadets’ team tried their best to defend the smashes of officers’ team but their efforts went in vain. The match was a feast to the eyes of the audience as both the  teams’  body movements, foot work, smashes, drops and serves were of high standard.