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Holi, one of the most boisterous festivals of India, was celebrated with a splash of colour and an array of water guns by Saikilians on 13 March in the School Quadrangle. Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal always gives priority to celebrate various festivals of our culture and takes care to provide joyous and festive moods to various celebrations. He likes cadets very much and all the time he does his best to provide a cheering environment and to make school a home away from home for cadets. The school gives due importance to all the festivals and are celebrated with religious fervour and gaiety. As it is known by all that Holi is the only festival for which majority of the kids eagerly waits for its arrival. On the auspicious occasion of the Holi festival the entire school campus was decked out with colourful flags. Though it was the time for preparation of SA II and indeed all the cadets were busy in their exam preparation, yet not to deprive the cadets’ happiness this year too the festival of colours was celebrated in a grand scale. The joyous Holi celebrations were like an interlude for the exam intensity. All the cadets had participated enthusiastically and relieved their exam stress for the time being.


Play of Colours

The celebrations of the School started with the burning of Holika on the eve of Holi. Great excitement was noticed in all cadets on the next day when it was actually the time for the play of colours. The teachers announced the Holi celebration at school premises, one day before the actual Holi festival and asked all cadets to come to School Quadrangle wearing formal dresses. The news made the cadets happy and came to school wearing the formal dress and even taken safety precautions of applying oil on face and hair. They all gathered at the School Quadrangle at 9:30 a.m. and were eagerly waiting for the much awaited fun. The Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal and Admin Officer Sqn Ldr TK Sumesh came to the venue with a packet of colour in their hands. After seeing them the happiness of everyone gathered there knew no bounds. The Offg Principal said that it was happy to celebrate Holi with cadets of diverse culture. He hoped that this festival of colours fills each & every cadet’s life with happiness. He wished all the staff and cadets a happy Holi. Later, the most pulsating activity playing with colours started out. All the cadets were accompanied with the members of the staff and once the celebration started they sprayed colours and fired water pistols on one another. The cadets even sprinkled colours on teachers as they too joined in the celebration. Bright colours of gulal and abeer filled the air and cadets took turns in pouring colour water over each other. The cadets took special delight in spraying colours on one another with pichkaris and throwing water balloons. This year the Holi festival have brought a double delight for everyone as the First Lady Mrs Sweta Dangwal and Second Lady Mrs Priyanka Sumesh along with their children were a part of the celebrations. The motherly appearance of both the ladies bridged the gap of cadets’ parents. They blessed each and every cadet and smeared colours to them with their gracious hands. Not only did they smear colours but also danced on par with the cadets. Everyone was screaming with ecstasy while First Lady and Second Lady alongside Offg Principal and Admin Officer danced elegantly for some Holi songs. In the midst of these colouring games were savoured the mouth watering Holi specialities like gulam jamun, boondi, khajji kaya, samosa etc and downed with glasses full of soft drink. The entire celebration went for an hour and half and everyone has enjoyed it a lot.


Extending Wishes

This year the Holi celebrations did not limit only to the staff members. As a part of the tradition both the First Lady and Second Lady personally visited all the Staff Quarters to extend Holi wishes to all the family members of the staff. They also smeared colours to spouses of staff members. This noble gesture of our Ladies made everyone on campus contented and a feeling of oneness was created among all the staff.