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Debate is one of the academic activities that give cadets creative room to express what they feel. The length and breadth of knowledge that they gain through this is simply unparallel. The Offg Principal Wg Cdr VS Dangwal has set the benchmark for conducting activities in such a way that the cadets not only enjoy but also learn a great deal from it. With the same perspective in view, a debate competition was organised on 30 March 2017 in the school auditorium. The topic of the debate was- ‘Children access to technology should be controlled’.


The topic for the competition was given to the respective houses well in advance with the intention that the participants get enough time for their preparation. Three representatives from each house were allowed to take part in the competition. All the participants prepared seriously to bring laurels to their houses. The participants were seen going to the library referring books related to the topic, browsing the internet and going through to the newspapers to fetch come valid points for their debating.


Wg Cdr V S Dangwal, the Offg Principal, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.  Mrs. Sweta Dangwal, First Lady of the campus and Mr. Harinadha Reddy (external) were the adjudicators for the competition. The participants of Penna house and Tungabhadra house spoke for the motion and the participants of Godavari and Krishna houses spoke against the motion. The entire members spoke vehemently on the issue and came up with their perspective regarding the same. It was very evident that the teams were well prepared and they used various skills like overstatement, definition, irony etc. to convince the audience. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions, body movement and gestures. They cited reasons and supported them with suitable examples from real life, to justify their stand. The rebuttal session was indeed very electrifying as the members exchanged their views in an impressive manner. Following this, the spectators were given a chance to pose some questions to the teams participating. This was quite interesting as the issues raised by some cadets were thought provoking.

Throughout the session the judges were deeply engrossed in the ideas of the cadets. The judges felt happy for the way the debate was conducted. They expressed their appreciation for the school administration in fostering the inherent skills of the cadets.  All the four teams exhibited great oratorical skills but finally the two teams that were declared winners and runners were Krishna and Godavari houses respectively. And coming to best speakers’ category it was Cdt G Sumanth Yadav of Penna house adjudged as the best speaker in for the motion category and Cdt Harshil Kumar of Krishna house was the best speaker in against the motion category.

Addressing the cadets after distributing the trophies and certificates to the winners the Chief Guest appreciated the participants for their brilliant performance. He said the preparation of the participants, their level of confidence and the way they articulated their opinions was good. He advised the cadets to hone their public speaking skills as well as their communication skills by participating in all the competitions. He expressed his gratitude to the judges for spending their time with the cadets. He also presented some souvenirs to the panel of judges.

Overall, the competition proved to be very fruitful to the cadets because they improved their research skills, learnt how to manage time, also, to overcome their stage-fear by putting across their opinions in front of the crowd.