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A one-day workshop on ‘Art of Communication’ was organised at the school on 27 March 2017. Offg Principal Sqn Ldr TK Sumesh was the resource person. During the workshop, the Offg Principal made a presentation on importance of communication skills. He said that communication was the method by which people share their ideas, information, opinions and feelings. Communication was a two-way activity between two or more people. There were various modes of communication, some of which were used more commonly in some workplaces than others. Transfer of information and knowledge from source to receiver. It's the process by which the sender/ source reaches the receiver/ destination with thoughts, ideas, feelings, facts & values. Successful communication was said to be accomplished when the receiver not only receives the message but also accept, interpret and use it in the manner intended by the source. Communication was the art of transmitting information, ideas and attitudes from one person to another and it was the process of meaningful interaction among human beings.


He further added that the communication was the most important way of expressing any feeling towards any person or thing. There were various forms of verbal and non verbal communication. Human evolved in life through communicating his thinking and understanding others point of view. Communication helped people relate, interact, understand, believe and get connected to others. Globalization was also a result of communication. Communication was required everywhere, be it business, personal life, entertainment or for knowledge. Communication could be a one way or a two way process, depending on the way people react.


He made the session very pulsating with his interaction not only with the cadets but also with the staff present there. He posed a number of questions which enabled the cadets to think about the significance of English communication skills. He conducted activities throughout the session wherein the cadets were the participants. All through the workshop he was very energetic and enthusiastic. At the end of the session he made the cadets to give their feedback in which they said that the workshop was very motivating and they learnt some techniques to improve their communication skills. Some of the cadets expressed their wish that they want workshops of this kind to hone their English language skills. The workshop came to an end with the vote of thanks given by Ch Mary Babu, Asst Master English.